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Mosquito Control

The Natchitoches Parish Mosquito Control Program is funded through the Parish’s 3-mill Health Unit Millage and operates during the months of March through October of each year. The Program’s mission is to reduce the risk of mosquito-borne diseases being spread in the Parish through its adulticiding efforts.

The Program operates two spray trucks and covers over 1200 miles of the Parish. With two major waterways and numerous lakes, the wide range of topography in Natchitoches Parish means that mosquito habitats are plentiful. Participation by residents of the Parish is crucial to the success of mosquito control. Residents are encouraged to remove containers from their property that may collect water, which are prime breeding sites for mosquitoes. For containers such as bird baths or garden ponds, it recommended that they be flushed out or cleaned every 4 – 5 days.

Below is a list of potential breeding sites for mosquitoes and recommendations on how to reduce the amount of standing water around your residence or business:

Breeding SiteSuggestions
Air conditionersCheck around air conditioning units to be sure puddles don’t form from condensation.
BirdbathChange water and scrub out twice weekly
BoatStore small boats upside down. Cover large boats and keep drains open. Store under shed.
Buckets, pans, cans, etc.Empty, turn upside down, punch drainage holes or dispose of totally
Ditches, septic or otherRemove trash and leaves so that drainage doesn’t become clogged. Keep grass and other plants cut down.
Drink cans, bottles, etc.Remove from yard & ditches. If you save plastics/aluminum for recycling, store under shed or in garage.
Flower potsDo not allow water to stand in saucers under pots.
Low spots in yardDig shallow trenches so water drains away or fill in low areas with dirt or sand.
Pet bowlsWash out and refill at least twice weekly
Rain barrels, cisternsIf you collect rain water for gardens, etc., cover container with screen. Check regularly for presence of egg rafts or larvae.
Rain guttersScreen tops to prevent leaves and debris from getting in. Keep cleaned out so water will drain.
Swimming poolsKeep water chemically treated and circulating. If no longer being used, consider filling in.
Tarps & other plastic coversBe sure they don’t form pockets which will hold water. Always check after heavy rains or at least weekly.
Tree holesRemove water; create drainage hole near bottom of cavity; fill with sand or concrete.
Used tiresPreferably, dispose of them. Store inside garage or under shed or cover with tarp
Used tiresPreferably, dispose of them. Store inside garage or under shed or cover with tarp.
Wading poolsChange water on regular basis. When not being used, empty and lean against side of house.
Wagons, trucks, other toysRemove toys from yard, keep under cover or in house. Turn large toys over so they can’t hold water.

To Request Information on the Mosquito Control Protram or to request your zone be sprayed please call (318) 357-2266