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Maintenance Department

The Maintenance Department for Government Buildings is responsible for maintaining not only the outward appearance of Parish-owned facilities throughout Natchitoches Parish, but also for the inner workings of each. They provide a safe and functional physical working environment for the administration of Parish Government by providing a professional and cost effective maintenance program. Among their other responsibilities, the department staff insures building safety and the optimal performance of building systems by providing preventative maintenance and repair on all mechanical, electrical and plumbing. In addition, the Maintenance Department also provides interior/exterior repairs and renovations to Parish Facilities. The Department is also responsible for ensuring that the HVAC systems and restrooms of its polling locations are in good working order during elections.

Major facilities include:
  • The Natchitoches Parish Courthouse
  • The Old Natchitoches Parish Courthouse
  • The Live Oak Building
  • The Natchitoches Parish Health Department
  • All Head Start Campuses
Outlying Parish Facilities:
  • Readheimer Community Center
  • Creston Polling Place
  • Cypress Polling Place
  • Campti Polling Place
  • Old Marthaville Community Center
  • Old Parish Library in Robeline
  • Old Office of Community Services Facility
  • Old Department of Public Works Facility

Winston Bridges

Maintenance Supervisor

Phone: (318) 352-2714