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Parish President Rick Nowlin

Welcome to Natchitoches Parish and our website. Whether you are a citizen of our Parish, a visitor or just checking us out online, we invite you to explore what we have to offer.

The Parish government operates under the Home Rule Charter form of government adopted by the voters in 2011. Since that time, my office has worked with the Parish Council to implement many changes in Parish structure and operations that allow us to improve our services to the citizens and businesses in our area. We will continue to focus on providing the essential services needed by the public and do so in the most cost effective manner.

Natchitoches Parish has a rich history and culture that influences everything that we are and do. From our founding as the first permanent settlement in the Louisiana Purchase territory to the present, we are a community of hard-working, fun-loving and friendly people.

Our Parish is rich in natural resources and scenic beauty. It is truly a sportsmen’s paradise. The pine forests, Cane River and beautiful lakes entice one to fish, hunt or just explore the outdoors.

The Parish is also the home of a number of major industries in forestry and building materials production, poultry production and processing, paper manufacturing and other manufacturing.

Northwestern State University is one of Louisiana’s finest public universities and includes the Louisiana Scholars College. The university provides valuable opportunities to people and businesses in the region and its faculty and staff make major contributions to the quality of life in the Parish.

We hope that you will use this website to learn more about your local government. If you have any questions or need any assistance from any of our departments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Rick Nowlin