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The Parish President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Parish and is administrative authority over all departments, offices and agencies of the Parish Government except for the Parish Council Clerk.

The Parish President oversees the day-to-day operations of the Parish Government and insures that all laws, provisions of the Home Rule Charter, and acts of the Council, subject to enforcement by the President or by officers subject to the President’s direction and supervision, are faithfully executed.

Other duties of the Parish President

  • Submit the annual budget and the five-year capital budget to the Council
  • Submit to the Council and make available to the public, within ninety days after the end of the fiscal year, a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the Parish as of the end of each fiscal year
  • Make any other reports as the Council may reasonably request by a majority vote of the Council’s membership to enable the Council to function
  • Sign contracts, acts of sale, and other obligations as may be authorized by the Council
  • Attend Council meetings personally or through a designee and furnish any information regarding Parish Government requested by any member of the Council
  • Perform any other duties that are specified in the Home Rule Charter or may be required by the Council, not inconsistent with the Home Rule Charter, the constitution, or state law.
  • Serve or appoint a designee to serve as a non-voting member on all boards, commissions and authorities.
  • Exercise veto power over ordinances and line items in operating and capital improvement budgets subject to an override by the Council as is provided for in Article II, Section 2-12 of the Home Rule Charter.
  • Appoint, suspend, discipline or remove for just cause all Parish Government employees in accordance with Parish personnel policies and applicable law except as otherwise provided by the Home Rule Charter.

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John Richmond

Parish President

200 Church St.
Room 210
Natchitoches, LA 71457

Phone: 318-352-2714