Home Rule Charter

The Natchitoches Parish Police Jury appointed the Natchitoches Parish Home Rule Charter Commission and charged it with the responsibility of proposing a new form of government for the Parish consistent with the home rule provisions of the 1974 state constitution. The Charter Commission has completed this assignment and is pleased to submit a proposed home rule charter incorporating the president-council form of government. The Police Jury is respectfully requested to call an election in the fall of 2011 concerning the adoption of the charter as provided by state law.

The goal of the Charter Commission throughout its deliberations was to propose a plan of government that would be representative of community interests, responsive to community needs and provide a framework for effective administration, while at the same time securing for the Parish all home rule authority granted under the state constitution. The Charter Commission believes that the proposed charter achieves these objectives and will provide the citizens of Natchitoches Parish with a strong, flexible and modern system of government capable of responding to the present and future needs of the Parish.

The Charter Commission would like to express its appreciation for the opportunity and privilege of serving the citizens of Natchitoches Parish. We would also like to thank all persons who have participated to any extent in the preparation of the proposed charter and to add a special note of thanks to Mrs. Frances Gilcrease for serving as secretary to the commission.

To View the Natchitoches Parish Home Rule Charter click on the link below. **Please note you will need Adobe Acrobat or a similar PDF Document Viewer to view this document.

Natchitoches Parish Government Home Rule Charter Application Download