Frequently Asked Questions

How do i get on the Agenda for the Parish Council meeting(s)
Call the Parish Council Clerk at 318-352-2714
Who do I call for a Flood Zone?
What is needed to determine if a piece of property is located in a flood zone?
Who do I call to put in a formal complaint about blighted property?
Where can I find a survey map of a property?
How can I get an address on my property?
How do I know if my property can be subdivided?
Where can I get a copy of my subdivision restrictions?
Who do I call for missing stop signs on a Parish road?
Who do I call for litter on Parish roads?
Who do I call to request maintenance or repairs to a Parish road?
Who do I call to get information on Parish bin site/compactor locations and hours of operation
Who do I contact to get a road taken into Parish Maintenance System?