Planning & Zoning

The Planning department was created to better serve the public by providing a full-time office, staffed with Parish Government employee(s) that are under the supervision of the Parish President. The office assists residents and businesses with land use situations and subdivision regulations and verifies compliance with the Zoning Regulations of the Parish of Natchitoches.

The Planning & Zoning Department is committed to protecting lives and ensuring safety of the residents and visitors, preserving the Parish's quality of life, and contributing to economic development. This is accomplished through adoption, implementation and enforcement of building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes. 

Planning Commission and Meetings

The Natchitoches Parish Planning Commission consists of 9 members nominated by the Parish President and appointed by the Council to serve four-year renewable terms. The commissioners review proposed development within the jurisdiction of the Parish and have authority for final decisions for the development. They meet once a month on the first Monday of the month at 5:00 p.m. in Room 212 on the Second floor of the Courthouse located at 200 Church Street in Natchitoches.

Mobile Home Placement Permits
  • Written Legal description of property -- (survey, tax assessment, deed, etc) To Verify Flood Plain & Zoning
  • Development Application
  • Road Use Permit Notice - Culvert Installation
  • Sewage Authorization Number. Contact the Parish Health Unit/Sanitation Dept. at 625 Bienville Ext. in Natchitoches or call (318) 357-2266. The Health Unit will give this number directly to the Planning & Zoning office After Sewage System has been installed.
  • Elevation Certificate (prepared by a licensed surveyor or engineer). Only required if property is in a flood zone - National Flood Insurance Program Requirement.
  • Site Plan (Show dimensions of property, location of existing & proposed buildings). Hand drawn is acceptable. (Minimum Dimensions Required - Frond Yard 25ft - Rear Yard 25ft - Side Yard 10ft.)
  • Fees - Permit/Inspection - due when permit is issued. $300 payable to Parish of Natchitoches. Electrical Service is Authorized Only After Inspection is Done. (Requirement sheet will be given out at time of application)
  • 911 Address calculation requirements - for our 911 Address Coordinator - Measure the distance (in feet) from your driveway to your closet neighbors driveway (on both sides of you) with their 911 Address as well as the neighbors names & address across the screet (if any)
New Residential Construction Permits
  • Provide written legal description of property. This is necessary to verify Flood Plain & Zoning. The document provided must be a copy of a tax assessment, property deed, survey play or other document of ownership.
    Please Note:
    • If your Property is in a Flood Zone, an Elevation Certificate is required.
    • If your Property is not Zoned properly, a request for zone change will be required
  • Development Application
  • Road Use Permit Notice - Culvert Installation
  • Sewage Authorization Number
New Construction Other
  • Development Application
  • Road Use Permit Notice - Culvert Installation

Greg Lemoine, C.B.O.

Natchitoches Parish Planning & Zoning Director & Flood Plain Manager

200 Church St.
Room 209
Natchitoches, LA 71457